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VW Electrical Parts for Aircooled Volkswagen Models
Model: 111971235C
Cable Negative Battery 12-1600cc 14in. Ground Battery Cable, 111971235C, Negative, Braided, 14in., Sold ea...
Brand: FTE automotive Model: 113945515HGR
Brake Light Switch 2 Prong Most Early Models Brake Light Switch, 113945515HGR, 2-Prong, FTE automotive, Sold ea...
Model: AC905002B
Clamp Distributor Billet 12-1600cc Clamp, Distributor, Aluminum, Polished, Sold ea...
Brand: Bosch Model: 03010
Distributor cap, fits all vacuum advance distributors 69 on and 009 Style Distributor, 113 905 207C Dist Cap T-1/2 /009/ Rab/Scir..
Brand: Bosch Model: 04033
043 905 225 Ign Rotor T-1/2 74-79/009/Rab/Scir/Dashr..
Brand: Kühltek Motorwerks Model: 9230081094
Kühltek Motorwerks 009/094 Centrifugal Advance Distributor has the ideal advance curve for everyday performance. This is a copy of the tried and true Bosch 009 from the past. Can be used a s a general replacement for all styles of stock distributors for a more performance based application. Com..
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