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Clutch Discs

VW Clutch Discs for Aircooled Volkswagen Models.

Tech Tip: You are dealing with a very old Volkswagen and over the years some cars were converted to 12 volt. From 1949 to 1966 VW used a 180mm clutch size which coincided with being 6 Volt, from 1967 to 1979 VW increased the clutch size to 200mm when they convert to a 12 Volt system. Also during the production span the throw out bearing changed, from 1971 to 1979 Volkswagen introduced a guide tube around the input shaft of most models requiring a different style throw out bearing.

Please closely identify your clutch system when ordering to ensure you get the proper parts for your application.

Brand: Sachs Model: 111141031EBR
High quality solid center Sachs clutch disc for early cars. Clutch Disc, 111141031EBR, 180mm, Solid Center, Sachs, Sold ea...
Model: 111141031EEC
Economy rigid center clutch disc for early cars. ChinaClutch Disc, 111141031EEC, 180mm, Rigid Center, Sold ea...
Brand: Sachs Model: 111141031FBR
High quality Sachs spring center clutch disc for early cars. Clutch Disc, 111141031FBR, 180mm Spring Center, Sachs, Sold ea...
Model: 111141031FEC
Economy spring center clutch disc for early cars. ChinaClutch Disc, 111141031FEC, 180mm, Spring Center, Sold ea...
Model: AC141170
200mm FERAMIC 4 Puck Disc Offroad Only! T-1/2/3 HiPerf..
Brand: Kennedy Engineered Products Model: KEP 4P 200
High quality Kennedy 4 Puck clutch disc for high horsepower engines, very aggressive clutch disc. Clutch Disc, 200mm, 4 Puck, Kennedy, Sold ea...
Brand: Kennedy Engineered Products Model: KEP 6P 200
High Quality Kennedy 6 Puck clutch disc for higher horsepower engines, aggressive clutch disc. Clutch Disc, 200mm, 6 Puck, Kennedy, Sold ea...
Model: AC141190B
200mm 6 Puck Disc Offroad! T-1 Racing 6 Puck Clutch Disc, 200mm, 6-Puck, Sold ea...
Model: AC141195B
This clutch disc is a copy of the original "Black Magic" clutch disc and features a sintered iron compound bonded with iron rivets.  Clutch Disc, 200mm, 6-Puck, Black Magic Style, Sold ea...
Brand: Sachs Model: 311141031BBR
This high quality Sachs clutch disc has a solid center providing a more aggressive engagement than the spring center style clutch discs and is the perfect match to our Sachs clutch covers. Fits 200mm clutch covers on 15-1600cc Volkswagen engines. Application Note: Volkswagen Bug('49-'66), ..
Model: 311141031BEC
Clutch Disc 200mm Rigid T-1 67-79 / T-2 63-71 15-1600 Clutch Disc, 311141031BEC, 200mm, Solid Center, Sold ea...
Brand: Valeo Model: 311141031BV
Clutch Disc 200mm Rigid T-1/2/3 15-1600cc Valeo Clutch Disc, 311141031BV, 200mm, Rigid Center, Valeo, Sold ea...
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