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VW Spindles & Spindle Parts for Aircooled Volkswagen Models
Model: 22-2813-0
This Camber Adjuster Washer or Eccentric Washer is used on the underside of the top ball joint mount on the spindle.  Camber Adjuster Washer, 22-2813-0, Ball Joint, Left & Right, EMPI, Sold as Pair..
Model: 111405691B
Grease Cap L T-1 66-79 With Hole Grease Cap, 111405691B, Ball Joint, Left, Sold ea...
Model: 111405692B
Grease Cap R T-1 66-79 / T-3 66-73 Grease Cap, 111405692B, Ball Joint, Right, Sold ea...
Model: 211405691B
Grease Cap L T-2 71-79 W/Hole Grease Cap, 211405691B, Left, Sold ea...
Model: 211405692B
Grease Cap R T-2 71-79 Grease Cap, 211405692B, Right, Sold ea...
Model: 251407691A
This cap fits the left-hand (driver's side) brake rotor and comes equipped with the square drive hole for speedometer cable. Installation Note: This grease cap will also work on the passenger side, you will need to tape over the hole to prevent dirt and debris from contaminating your wheel bear..
Model: 111405691
Grease Cap L T-1 49-65 With Hole Grease Cap, 111405691, Link Pin, Left, Sold ea...
Model: 111405692
Grease Cap R T-1 49-65 Grease Cap, 111405692, Link Pin, Right, Sold ea...
Model: 111405681
Lockplate Spindle Nut T-1 49-65 / T-2 55-63 Lock Plate, 111405681, Link Pin, Left or Right, Sold ea...
Model: 131405669
Nut Spindle Left T-1 66-79 / KG 66-74 / T3 6673 Spindle Nut, 131405669, Ball Joint, Left, Sold ea...
Model: 131405670
Nut Spindle Right T-1 66-79 / KG 66-74 / T3 6673 Spindle Nut, 131405670, Ball Joint, Right, Sold ea...
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