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VW Tansmission Parts for Aircooled Volkswagen Models
Model: 111501131
Gasket Side Cover Transmission F/Swing AxleGasket, 111501131, Axle Tube to Side Cover, Swing Axle, Paper, Sold ea...
Brand: Bugpack Model: B5-0581-0
These Strong Steel main bearing thrust plates eliminate movement of the main shaft bearing. Aids in maintaining the alignment of the gears on the main and pinion shafts to give the gears FULL contact thereby reducing the chances of failure. Allows the use of a 2 bolt nose cone to be used on 3 bolt l..
Model: 091311123EC
Bearing Mainshaft Frnt T-1 76-79 / Vngn 80-83 Bearing, 091311123EC, Mainshaft, Front, Sold ea...
Model: 113311123AEC
Bearing Mainshaft T-1 To 73 Bearing, 113311123AEC, Mainshaft, Front, Sold ea...
Brand: FAG Bearing Model: 091311219
Bearing Pinion Shaft T-1/2 70-79 / Vng 80-91Bearing, 091311219, Pinion, Threaded, Fag, Sold ea...
Brand: EMPI Model: 113301165A
Replacement bolt-on zinc plated bowden tube bracket that mounts to the transmission side cover. Will work for 6 or 12 Volt transmission applications.   Application Note: This is considered a universal part and can fit many different applications based on modifications to the vehicle. Appli..
Model: 311301343
This rubber bushing fits over the alignment protrusion on early 2 bolt transmission mounts to help center the mount properly. Bushing, 311301343, Front Transmission Mount, Early 2-Bolt, Rubber, Sold ea...
Model: 002301189C
Final drive seal between the transmission case and the drive flange.  Final Drive Seal, Transmission to Drive Flange, Left or Right, Sold ea...
Model: 091301189A
Seal Final Drive T-2/Vngn 76-91 Seal, Transmission to Drive Flange, Left or Right, Sold ea...
Model: 113301189F
Seal Final Drive T-1 69-79 w/IRS Seal, Transmission to Drive Flange, Left or Right, Sold ea...
Model: AC311160B
8mm T-2 Rear Engine Mount Adapter F/T-2 68-71 Engine Mount Adapter, Bus, Rear, 8mm Studs, Sold ea...
Brand: Elring Model: 002398005A
Transmission Gasket Set T-2 68-75 Elring  Gasket Set, 002398005A, 002 Transmission, Elring, Sold ea. ..
Model: 111398005ABR
Transmission Gasket Set T-1/2/3 Gasket Set, Type 1 Transmission, Sold ea...
Brand: EMPI Model: 16-9905-0
These IRS side covers are made from H.D. Aluminum Alloy to handle your high horsepower performance application.  IRS Axle Side Cover, 16-9905-0, Heavy Duty, Aluminum, EMPI, Sold ea...
Model: 113311113AEC
Seal Mainshaft 12-2000cc Seal, Mainshaft, Sold ea...
Model: 113311113A
Seal Mainshaft 12-2000cc Germany Seal, Mainshaft, German, Sold ea...
Model: 001301200
Bushing Kit Nose Cone T-1 49-77 Brass Bushing & Seal Bushing Kit, 001301200, Nose Cone, Sold as Kit..
Model: 211301215
Nose Cone Seal T-1/3 All / T-2 55-67 Gasket, Nose Cone, Paper, Sold ea...
Model: 111301289B
Transmission seal that fits over the nose cone of the transmission and seals to the chassis.  Nose Cone Seal, Nose Cone to Chassis, Sold ea...
Model: 001301227
Seal Hockey Stick T-1 68-79 f/Nose Cone Bushng Seal, Nose Cone(Hockey Stick), Sold ea...
Model: 211301205H
Nose Cone Transmission T-2 59-67 Nose Cone, Type 1 Transmission, Sold ea...
Model: 113301205G
Replacement transmission nose cone for a type 1 style transmission with a 2 bolt mount. Made from heavy duty aluminum.Nose Cone, Type 1 Transmission, 2-Bolt, Sold ea...
Model: 113311541A
Shift Lever Tranny T-2 60-67 Hockey Stick..
Brand: EMPI Model: B5-0721-0
These units provide the needed strength to withstand the abuse of high horsepower engines. They eliminate the stock housing flex problem in addition to providing for an extra pair of spider gears. Units also allow infinite ring gear lash adjustment and do not affect steering or turning brake operati..
Brand: EMPI Model: B5-0811-0
After years of intensive research, we are now able to offer the FINEST transaxle Super Diffs ever made. Starting with a high quality, nonporous steel alloy casting and then we totally machine it using only the latest CNC state-of-the-art equipment. Added to this is a precision made steel alloy spide..
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