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Gauges & Sending Units

VW Gauges & Sending Units for All Volkswagen Models

Model: 113957099A
Vibrator Fuel Gauge T-1 68-79 / T-2 73-79 Fuel Gauge Vibrator, 113957099A, Electrical, Sold ea...
Model: 113957063B
Fuel Gauge T-1 68-77 / SB 71-79 Fuel Gauge, 113957063B, Electrical, Sold ea...
Model: 113919029
Fuel Gauge Mechanical T-1 62-67 Fuel Gauge, 113919029, Mechanical, Sold ea...
Model: 271919051B
Sending Unit Fuel Tank, 7.5" in length, works on 6-12 Volt.  Fuel Sending Unit, 271919051B, Electrical, Sold ea...
Model: 113919049D
Sending Unit Fuel Tank T-1 68-78 Mexico Fuel Sending Unit, 113919049D, Electrical, Sold ea...
Model: 113919049DEC
Sending Unit Fuel Tank T-1 68-78 Not SB Fuel Sending Unit, 113919049DEC, Electrical, Sold ea...
Model: 211919051A
Sending Unit Fuel Tank T-2 73-79 Mexico Fuel Sending Unit, 211919051A, Electrical, Mexico, Sold ea...
Model: 113919051F
Sending Unit Fuel Tank S.B 71-79 Mexico Fuel Sending Unit, 113919051F, Electrical, Mexico, Sold ea...
Model: 113919049C
Sending Unit Fuel Tank T-1 62-67 Fuel Sending Unit, 113919049C, Mechanical, Sold ea...
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