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Brake Drums & Rotors

VW Brake Drums & Rotors for Aircooled Volkswagen Models
Brand: EMPI Model: 22-2963-7
Replacement Front Rotor, 5/130 Porsche and 5/4.75" Chevy, Ball Joint Front, All Type 1 66-79 w/ Disc Brakes, Ghia 66-74, Type 3 66-71 Double drilled for use with either Porsche 5x130 bolt pattern using M14-1.5 threads or Chevy 5/4.75" bolt pattern using 12mm theads. Must purchase studs separately. ..
Model: 211405615C
Brake Drum Front 5hole T-2 68-70   Brazil  Brake Drum, 211405615C, Front, 5x205mm, Brazil, Sold ea...
Model: 211405615B
Brake Drum Front 5hole T-2 64-67  Brake Drum, 211405615B, Front, 5x205mm, Sold ea...
Brand: LPR Brakes Model: 113405615A
Brake Drum Front 5hole T-1 58-65 Italian Brake Drum, 113405615A, Front, 5x205mm, LPR, Sold ea...
Model: 111405615B
Brake Drum Front 4hole T-1 68-77 Not SB Brake Drum, 111405615B, Front, 4x130mm, Sold ea...
Brand: LPR Brakes Model: 113405615D
Brake Drum Front 4hole S.B 71-79 Italy Brake Drum, 113405615D, Front, 4x130mm, LPR, Sold ea...
Brand: LPR Brakes Model: 113501615D
Brake Drum Rear 5hole T-1 58-67 Italy Brake Drum, 113501615D, Rear, 5x205mm, LPR, Sold ea...
Brand: TRW/Varga Model: 113407075BR
This was a stock replacement rotor for Ghia from '66-'74, Type 3 from '66-'71 and is the rotor used for most disc brake conversion kits on the market. This rotor will fit early Bug ball joint spindles as well as drop spindles that use a standard late model ball joint spindle point. Brake Rotor..
Brand: LPR Brakes Model: 411407075
Brake Rotor T-3 '71-'73 Sebro Brake Rotor, 411407075, Front, 4x130mm, Sebro, Sold ea...
Brand: LPR Brakes Model: 113501615J
Brake Drum Rear T-1 68-77 / SB 71-79 Italy Brake Drum, 113501615J, Rear, 4x130mm, LPR, Sold ea...
Model: 211615301A
Brake Disc Front T-2 71-72 Brake Rotor, 211615301A, Front, 5x112mm, Sold ea...
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