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Part #: AC117100B
DH Cooler Adapter NEW T-1/2 1600cc 71 On Adapter, 113117301, Oil Cooler, Doghouse Style, Sold ea...
Part #: 00-9272-0 Brand: EMPI
The ultimate in cooling efficiency. The EMPI stacked-plate design offers maximum cooling with almost bulletproof strength. Aircraft quality aluminum, flux-less oven brazed construction. Cross-path airflow effectively cools oil as air passes through as many as 16 paths across sturdy embossed plates. ..
Part #: AC117110
DH Cooler & Adapter Kit T-1/2 1600cc 71 On..
Part #: 068117021B
Oil Cooler, 068117021B, Stock, Sold ea...
Part #: 021117021B
Oil Cooler w/7 Plates T-2 72-79 / Vngn 80-83 Oil Cooler, 021117021B, Stock, Sold ea...
Part #: 111117021E
Oil Cooler, 111117021E, Stock, Early Style, Sold ea...
Part #: 113117021
Oil Cooler Doghouse T-1 71-79 / KG 71-74 / T-2 71 Oil Cooler, 113117021, Stock, Late Doghouse Style, Sold ea...
Part #: 33-5721-0 Brand: EMPI
Put your oil cooler fan on autopilot with this inline oil temperature thermostat. No worries about cooking your engine because there are no more switches to remember to turn on or off. This inline thermostat attaches to the inlet port of the oil cooler or it can be spliced into existing 1/2in. hose,..
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