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Oil Coolers & Adapters

Oil Coolers, Oil Cooler Adapters & Oil Cooler Mounts

Model: AC117100B
DH Cooler Adapter NEW T-1/2 1600cc 71 On Adapter, 113117301, Oil Cooler, Doghouse Style, Sold ea...
Model: 00-9272-0 Brand: EMPI
The ultimate in cooling efficiency. The EMPI stacked-plate design offers maximum cooling with almost bulletproof strength. Aircraft quality aluminum, flux-less oven brazed construction. Cross-path airflow effectively cools oil as air passes through as many as 16 paths across sturdy embossed plates. ..
Model: AC117110
DH Cooler & Adapter Kit T-1/2 1600cc 71 On..
Model: 068117021B
Oil Cooler, 068117021B, Stock, Sold ea...
Model: 021117021B
Oil Cooler w/7 Plates T-2 72-79 / Vngn 80-83 Oil Cooler, 021117021B, Stock, Sold ea...
Model: 111117021E
Oil Cooler, 111117021E, Stock, Early Style, Sold ea...
Model: 113117021
Oil Cooler Doghouse T-1 71-79 / KG 71-74 / T-2 71 Oil Cooler, 113117021, Stock, Late Doghouse Style, Sold ea...
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