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Emergency Brake Cables

VW Emergency Brake Cables for Aircooled Volkswagen Models
Part #: 211609701T
Hand Brake Cable 2960mm T-2 72-79 Emergency Brake Cable, Left or Right, 2960mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 211609701L Brand: Cahsa
Hand Brake Cable 3365mm T-2 69-71 Emergency Brake Cable, Left or Right, 3365mm Length, Cahsa, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721
Emergency brake cable for '49-'51 Bug thru chassis # 244002 and '50-'54 Bus - Fits left or right, for Beetles with lever shocks, 3038mm/119-19/32 inches. Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721, Left or Right, 3038mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721A
Emergency brake cable for '51-'55 Bug from chassis # 244003, '55 Ghia - Fits left or right, for Beetles without lever shocks, 3138mm/123-17/32 inches. Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721A, Left or Right, 3138mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721B Brand: Fania
Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721B, Left or Right, 1926mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721F Brand: Cahsa
Cable Hand Brake T-1 58-65 1752mm Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721F, Left or Right, 1752mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721L Brand: Cahsa
Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721L, Left or Right, 1789mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721M Brand: Cahsa
Cable Hand Brake 1783mm Fits '68 with manual transmissionEmergency Brake Cable, 113609721M, Left or Right, 1783mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 113609721J Brand: Cahsa
Cable Hand Brake T-1 68-72 Fits '68 with Auto-Stick transmission.  Emergency Brake Cable, 113609721J, Left or Right, 1814mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 133609721
Cable Hand Brake T-1 73-77 / SB 73-79 1759mmEmergency Brake Cable, 133609721, Left or Right, 1759mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 211609701F
EMERGENCY BRAKE CABLE T-2 1964-1967 Emergency Brake Cable, 211609701F, Left or Right, 3465mm Length, Sold ea...
Part #: 251609701C
Hand Brake Cable 1460mm Vanagon Emergency Brake Cable, Left or Right, 1460mm Length, Sold ea...
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