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Transmission Case & Nose Cone

VW Transmission Case & Nose Cones for Aircooled Volkswagen Models

Model: 113301205G
Replacement transmission nose cone for a type 1 style transmission with a 2 bolt mount. Made from heavy duty aluminum.Nose Cone, Type 1 Transmission, 2-Bolt, Sold ea...
Model: 211301205H
Nose Cone Transmission T-2 59-67 Nose Cone, Type 2 Transmission, 2-Bolt, Sold ea...
Model: 113311541C
Shift Lever Tranny T-1 61-77 / SB 71-79Shift Lever, Type 1 Transmission, Sold ea...
Model: 113311541A
Shift Lever Tranny T-2 60-67 Hockey StickShift Lever, Type 2 Transmission, Sold ea...
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