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Cylinder Sets

Model: AC198860L
Cylinder Set, 85.5mm, Sold as Set..
Brand: Mahle Model: AC198860LM
Cylinder Set, 85.5mm, Mahle, Sold as Set..
Brand: Mahle Model: AC198910L
Cylinder Set, 90.5mm, Mahle, Sold as Set..
Model: AC198930LTEC
Cylinder Set, 92mm, Thick Wall, Sold as Set..
Brand: Mahle Model: AC198950L
Cylinder Set, 94mm, Mahle, Sold as Set..
Brand: Kühltek Motorwerks Model: AC198950LS
Cylinder Set, 94mm, Long Skirt, Kühltek Motorwerks, Sold as Set..
Brand: AA Performance Products Model: VW9400T1KL
This is a new set of 94mm Racing Long Thick Wall Type 1 Cylinder Set . This kit requires machine work, Both the heads and Case will need to be opened for the 94mm Bore. Cylinder is 23.6mm longer, Designed to be "cut to fit" for long stroke or long rod engines. Stud Holes are not drilled for Customer..
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