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Due to the So Cal show schedule the shop will be operating on a limited staff from June 11th to July 2nd We will be closed for walk-in and mail orders the following days. June 14th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th, July 2nd and July 4th
all orders placed during this time WILL BE DELAYED by 24-48hrs. Please plan your orders accordingly.

Fuse Boxes & Fuses

Part #: 111937591
Replacement fuse box clip to secure the fuse box to the body.Fuse Box Clip, Fuse Box to Body, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937555A
Replacement fuse box cover for fuse box with 10 fuses.Fuse Box Cover, 10 Fuse, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937555
Replacement fuse box cover for fuse box with 8 fuses.Fuse Box Cover, 8 Fuse, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937037
Fuse Box 8 Pole T-1 61-66 / KG 61-66 w/Cover Fuse Box, 111937037, 8 Pole, w/Cover, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937505F
Fuse Box 10 Pole T-1 67-71 w/o Cover Fuse Box, 111937505FEC, 10 Pole, w/o Cover, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937505G
Fuse Box 12 Pole T-1 71 / SB 71 Fuse Box, 12 Pole, w/Cover, Sold ea...
Part #: 111937555D
Cover Fuse Box 12 Pole T-1 72-79 / T-2 73-79 Cover, 111937555D, Fuse Box, 12 Fuse, Sold ea...
Part #: N171211 Brand: Flösser
Fuse, N171211, 8 Amp, White, Flösser, Sold ea...
Part #: N171214 Brand: Flösser
Fuse, N171214, 16 Amp, Red, Flösser, Sold ea...
Part #: N171215 Brand: Flösser
Fuse, N171215, 25 Amp, Blue, Sold ea...
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