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VW Dash Knobs & Knob Inserts

Part #: 113819663F
This is a dash knob insert for the fresh air knob on Volkswagen Bug, Super Beetle, Ghia and Type 3  It is plastic with arrows showing rotation and fits in dash knob part # 113819661F and 113819661G  Dash Knob Insert, 113819663F, Fresh Air, Sold ea...
Part #: 113819661G
This dash knob is for the fresh air controls on Volkswagen Bug('71-'77), Super Beetle('71-'79), Ghia('72-'74) and Type 3('71-'74). It is black with a 33mm square hole for mounting to the fresh air controllers and uses knob insert part # 113819663F for fresh air indicator.  Knob, 113819661G, Fre..
Part #: 113819661F
This dash knob is used for the glove box on Volkswagen Bug('68-'77), Super Beetle('71-'79), Ghia('68-'74), Bus('68-'79) and Type 3('68-'73). It is also used for the fresh air controller on Volkswagen Bug('68-'70), and Type 3('71-'73). It is black with a 15mm square hole for mounting to the glove box..
Part #: 111-542-BK Brand: West Coast Metric
KNOB FOR DASH SWITCHES, Black, fits headlight switch, and choke cable for Oct'52-1957 Bug, fits headlight switch, ashtray and choke cable for 1958--1961 Beetle, fits headlight switch and ashtray for 1962-1966 Bug, fits headlight switch, choke cable and fuel reserve cable for Mar'55-Mid'60 Bus, fits ..
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