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Mufflers & Tail Pipes

Part #: B2-5440-S Brand: Bugpack
Dual Quiet Pack Muffler for use with EMPI Premium Exhaust Headers.Will Work With: 00-3100-0, 00-3102-0Installation Note: Do not mix headers and mufflers from other manufacturers. The muffler may not align properly with the header causing the muffler to hit the body or hang lower to the groun..
Part #: 00-3721-0 Brand: EMPI
Muffler Insert for EMPI Dual Racing Exhaust Systems. Will Work With: 00-3708-0, 55-3708-0, 00-3709-0, 00-3758-0, 00-3759-0 Muffler Insert, 00-3721-0, EMPI, Sold ea...
Part #: B2-5390-0 Brand: Bugpack
This stinger baffle/muffler insert fits the stainless steel Bugpack 4 pipe stinger exhaust system and provides a slight baffle to the exhaust system to help tone down the exhaust note.  Application Note: This is considered a universal part and can fit many different applications based on m..
Part #: 00-3703-0 Brand: EMPI
EMPI's Phat Boy merged mufflers provide maximum exhaust flow and power with a deep throaty sound. This merged header has  a small 3-Bolt flange at the 1 o'clock position. This muffler is designed for EMPI 1-5/8" merged headers. Installation Note: Do not mix headers and mufflers from o..
Part #: 111251051L Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1/Ghia '61-'63Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251053AQ Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1 1600cc with EGR Port Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 211251051E Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-2 15-1600cc 63-71 Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251053BG Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1 1600cc with Dual Pre-HeatMuffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251053AK Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1 13-1600cc Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 111251051G Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1/Ghia 11-1200cc 55-60 Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Muffler, Stock
Out of Stock
Part #: 211251051B Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1/2 11-1200cc 49-59 Muffler, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 111251051HEU Brand: Dansk
Muffler T-1 63-65 W/Fresh Air Muffler, Stock, Fresh Air, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251163F
Tail Pipe 225mm T-1 74 On Tail Pipe, 225mm, Chrome, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251163C
Tail Pipe 250mm T-1 67-73 Tail Pipe, 250mm, Chrome, Sold ea...
Part #: 113251163D
Tail Pipe 265mm T-1 To 67 Tail Pipe, 265mm, Chrome, Sold ea...
Part #: 147251157 Brand: Dansk
Damper Pipe T-2 60-71 Tail Pipe, Damper, Stock, Dansk, Sold ea...
Part #: 211251237B
Tail Pipe T-2 68-71 Stock replacement. Tail Pipe, Stock, Sold ea...
Part #: B2-5602-S Brand: Bugpack
Introducing the Bugpack Merged "Mondo" Muffler! Built for durability and performance, the Bugpack Merged Mondo Muffler is a popular choice among Volkswagen enthusiasts worldwide.  Made from stainless steel and TIG-welded for a long lifespan, it features thick flanges to ensure a solid seal.This..
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