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OE Volkswagen

Brand: OE Volkswagen Model: 113141701E
Throw Out Shaft for Early release bearings, Measures approx. 8" Long by 16mm Dia. Clutch Operating Shaft, 113141701EOE, Stock, Sold ea...
Brand: OE Volkswagen Model: 113301263OE
High quality OE Volkswagen rubber transmission mount for the rear cradle. Transmission Mount, 113301263OE, Stock, Rear, Left or Right, OE VW, Sold ea...
Brand: OE Volkswagen Model: 043101025OE
O.E. VW AS-41 Volkswagen Engine Case, this cases will fit Bug, Super Beetle, Ghia, Type 3, Thing and Bus (Thru '71) as a stock replacement application. This is a brand new Magnesium case with 8mm Head Stud inserts and cut for 85.5mm Pistons and Cylinders. Some cleanup work may be required before ass..
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