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EMPI Cylinder Shims, 90.5-92mm, .040/1.00mm

EMPI Cylinder Shims, 90.5-92mm, .040/1.00mm
EMPI Cylinder Shims, 90.5-92mm, .040/1.00mm

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EMPI Cylinder Shims, 90.5-92mm, .040/1.00mm, 21-7050-0

Steel cylinder shims that allow for adjusting deck height without machining the cylinders. Can correct for increase in stroke and compensates when case is surface machined. 90.5-94mm clearanced for 8 & 10mm studs(some additional clearancing may be needed) Sold in sets of 4.   

Application Note: This is considered a universal part and can fit many different applications based on modifications to the vehicle. Application information is just for reference and not applicable to a stock vehicle configuration. Please verify your application before purchase to ensure this part is correct for your project. 

Cylinder Shims, 21-7050-0, 90.5-92mm, .040/1.00mm, EMPI, Sold as Set

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  • Part #: 21-7050-0
  • Manufaturer Part #: 21-7050-0
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